Uniting the World's Data.

A paradigm shifting way to store and centralize
highly disparate data, globally, and
within an enterprise.

So what is enCapsa?

enCapsa is a patented and very simple way of deconstructing all data to elemental parts we call digital stem cells (or DSCs for short) so that all data becomes the same.

These elemental parts called DSCs allow data, document or image metadata from anywhere on the planet to be placed in one data store. They allow us to ignore the differences between data types and store them in a single data store as though they were from the same source.

Not needing to worry about the structure of your data or whether it is structured or unstructured, allows you to merge, search and analyze vastly different data types with a fraction of the effort that would be required using traditional methods.

enCapsa is universal data

By putting data, document and image metadata into the enCapsa data store you will be able to create new types of information streams that can be easily shared or distributed across institutions, groups or the Web in new and exciting ways.

So why is enCapsa different?

Traditionally, disparate data sits in separate data silos to be brought together through expensive extraction, transformation and load procedures to convert data into a ready to consume format for reporting and analysis.

Due to the variety of data formats available to organizations the work required to accomplish this transformation is expensive and tedious.

The better way is not to have to transform data in the first place; that is, to store all data in one location in the same way.

enCapsa solves the expensive and tedious data extraction and transformation problem by creating a unique, unitary imformation store (or data lake) where all data is the same.

By storing your data in an enCapsa data store, either at runtime or as a pull from a local or remote source, you are making all your data the same, and since it is now uniform there is no need to transform, map, or do any of the things we traditionally do to disparate data to make it meaningful.

So how does it work?

Essentially, you use Web forms and ingest tools to add data, documents and image files using web services and the enCapsa API, to the enCapsa space.

enCapsa then does its magic, breaking up the data file (or the metadata behind a formatted document or image file) into these elemental parts called DSCs that then go into a special data store we affectionately call the "Soup".

Instantly, all your diverse and disparate data comes together and is now available to everyone in your universe, across institutions, organizations and enterprises.

You can now use any search term to find diverse data records, documents or images. This is all done in a fraction of the time that would have been required using traditional methods.


enCapsa is an enabling technology

Storing data in an enCapsa store imposes uniformity on disparate data making searches across widely disparate enterprise data simple and fast. This make encapsa the ideal middleware storage solution for a whole host of Web solutions that have to bring together enterprise or world wide data.


So why use enCapsa?

To create a vast repository of highly disparate data – a unitary drop box for all your data.

To efficiently search terabytes of very different files as though they belonged to one database.

To analyze, report, explain and present disparate data with much less effort, in much less time.