Uniting the World's Data.

Giving you the tools for the universal
storage of widely disparate

A series of enabling web services that lets you do exciting things with disparate data.


Create unique unitary file stores that allow you to effortlessly extract information from disparate data sources. enCapsa data stores are purpose-built and unitary repositories for all your application needs.


Generate meaningful data streams for rich and in-depth analysis of disparate data. enCapsa provides the broadest and most cost-effective stream of analytic data, purpose built for a wide range of use cases.


Search terabytes of data in enCapsa's unitary data store. enCapsa brings the fastest and broadest set of search capabilities to disparate data, allowing you to rapidly aggregate and search for enterprise level information.


Acquire data through multiple ingest methods from static forms to rapid file crawls of ad hoc file shares. enCapsa lets you create wonderfully connected applications through use of input forms, file uploads and directory crawls.


Provide a significant level of passive security to your data. enCapsa's unitary data store saves data in a unique format that cannot be read by conventional means. This imparts a significant level of security to your data.


Bring together vastly disparate data from multiple local and remote data sources. Source data can be both structured and unstructured, pure database or document and pulled from an array of either local or remote sources.

What does the API do?

The enCapsa API exposes enCapsa functions and procedures designed to rapidly and safely store enCapsa data. It consists of a series of Web service calls to the enCapsa software allowing developers to execute enCapsa functions remotely.

Together, these service calls help you securely store and manage your application's data in the cloud or on a network server.

enCapsa API delivered via web services lets a developer practice continuous delivery of data to and from the enCapsa store without needing to stop for updates of the underlying software. These services help make your software solution's release process fast, automated and reliable.


enCapsa web services are fully managed in the cloud, meaning there is no need to host, maintain, or scale servers on your own. You can immediately begin developing and deploying applications.

enCapsa API calls are essentially modular tools that can easily be extended to adapt to your specific needs. Calls can have pre-built integrations with popular third-party developer tools, giving you the possibility of an end to end solution within enCapsa.

The API is built on a highly scalable, redundant, and durable architecture, ensuring that the API is always available.

Enabling Your Technology

enCapsa delivers an integrated suite of services that provide the capacity and capability needed to quickly and easily build and manage business applications and products.

enCapsa can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytics approaches to gain deeper insights, in ways that traditional data silos and data warehouses cannot. enCapsa gives customers the widest array of analytics and machine learning services, for easy access to all relevant data, without compromising on security or governance.

Fully Tested

enCapsa has been tested against terabytes of data, giving you the ability to store, with excellent retrieval times, vast amounts of disparate data and information.

Extremely Flexible

enCapsa enables far reaching technolgies, from simple data input through the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence and other modern applications on the big data spectrum.

Platform Agnositic

enCapsa web services provide modern access points to the enCapsa storage engine. It does this through an API that facilitates data acquisition and search across multiple platforms.

An elegant, flexible and liberating data storage solution

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The enCapsa Web API is a very simple but versatile suite of Web service calls that you make to build applications that store and search highly disparate data.


The enCapsa web services API can be used within any development environment. Simply make the Web Service calls in your programming projects and you can store, manage and search vastly different data.


enCapsa provides a very simple but powerful set of web services that allows your applications to store, manage, and search disparate data.


We provide comprehensive and enabling support, including consulting services, to help you build the next great storage application.


As calls to a Web Service, the enCapsa API can exist within any development environment. They also easily integrate with third party tools or services.


Create simple data stores and storage methods in a few lines of code. Build and search data using the API in a matter of minutes.


Patented data management techniques allow you to create data using different sources regardless of how they are structured.

enCapsa is a versatile toolbox

Using a powerful API to store data from input forms or ingest tools.

Database Functionalities

The enCapsa API provides full database functionalities. Using the power of Lucene, one of the most tested, robust and scalable big data tools on the market, they can store, manage and manipulate large amounts of data..

enCapsa allows databases and data records of varying structures to exist in the same space where they can be easily created, updated and removed on the fly. Simply use calls to the API to tie your input forms or ingest tools to the enCapsa data store and you have the power to unite, search and manage vastly different data streams as though they are in one database.

Once created, enCapsa stores can be searched and hyperlinked like pages on the World Wide Web and are freely accessible to anybody across the enterprise, the organization or to the whole world.

enCapsa - the power of one simple space