Uniting the World's Data.

Providing a unique data storage technology for
industry, the government and public
and private enterprises.

enCapsa can be used wherever access to a single unified data source is necessary

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to acquire wide ranging but uniform data is critical to the success of AI tools, enCapsa can create a global repository of unitary data for use in AI.

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enCapsa unitary repositories can generate analytics ready data using highly disparate multi-sourced data for BI dashboards and other PL applications.

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Block Chain

Storing records of different topology is essential for secure Block Chain transactions. enCapsa can provide a secure and dynamic substrate for Bitcoin transactions.

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Business Applications

Using data generated from complex forms and other input points, enCapsa can create a unitary store that will let you search and analyze widely diverse business data.

Content Management

enCapsa can extract and store metadata from a variety of media types which allows for the storage and sophisticated searches of wide-ranging media content.

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Data Aggregation

enCapsa creates a unitary data store of similarly structured elements which allows for the rapid analysis of widely disparate data from multiple sources.

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Data Lakes

enCapsa centralizes access to enterprise data by creating, from multiple sources, a simple, central and unitary repository of enterprise or organizational data.

Data Warehousing

Expanding on the concept of the data lake, enCapsa can create an enhanced repository of enterprise data built intrinsically for analysis and reporting.


enCapsa can exist as the database backend of an e-commerce application. It can also be used to unite information from multiple, diverse catalogs or stores.

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The Internet of Things

enCapsa can provide the storage granularity and uniformity that will be required to store the millions of data points generated by the IOT.

Machine Learning

For the far reaching data aquisition requirements of machine learning, enCapsa can aggregate data from diverse and complex input points.

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Scientific Computing

enCapsa creates a unitary platform for multi-sourced and disparate scientific data allowing scientists to collaborate, distribute or share their research.

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enCapsa is used by governments and diverse enterprises to store disparate data

Law Enforcement

enCapsa is used by law enforcement officials to store data, images and documents from multiple sources in one unitary repository. The store is then searched or analyzed to put together a composite profile of any individual or entity.


Manufacturers use enCapsa when they need to store and manage rapidly changing data for the industrial supply chain. The ability to create database records and schemas on the fly makes enCapsa ideal for supply chain management.


enCapsa gives retail companies the ability to store dynamic and flexible product items, creating equally dynamic and fluid product inventories. On top of this, enCapsa pulls product, sales and pricing data from multiple sources into one space.


enCapsa is used by banks and other financial institutions to store and secure disparate financial data, to create secure variable structured ledgers for block chain technology and to support the runtime processing of ad hoc transactions.


enCapsa is used by governments to unify form data. By being able to store data from different forms in a single unitary repository means that governments can form a portfolio of unifying information on any individual or entity.

Intelligence Services

enCapsa is used by the intelligence services to unify data from multiple sources. This gives these agencies the ability to connect the dots between several knowledge streams allowing them to find common threads in seemingly disparate information.


The bane of modern health care delivery is a lack of access to varying patient data on different platforms. enCapsa creates the perfect database for varying patient data and for the unification of medical information across institutions.


Media/Entertainment companies use enCapsa to extract and store in a single unitary repository disparate metadata from multimedia files. Complex searches can be performed to identify media files matching quite specific criteria.


By using an enCapsa data store, scientists can merge highly disparate databases creating a universal and unitary repository of scientific information allowing scientific data to be shared by multiple researchers in multiple locations.

enCapsa is used by diverse organizations in both the profit and non-profit sectors

For Profit

Enterprises use enCapsa to centralize information to create a unitary pool of information that specifically suited for the unique security, compliance, privacy or governance needs of large organizations.


Non-profits use enCapsa to build runtime advocacy and resource data stores that allow them to collate and analyze, in real time, disparate data from multiple input points.


To be able to find information on entities across agencies, and governments, public institutions use enCapsa to create secure central source of government data.


enCapsa creates avenues for new data streams and new technological capabilities using the aggregation and storage of widely disparate data across both geographic and logical boundaries.