enCapsa for Developers

A patented search and integration API that can be used within any development environment.

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The enCapsa API called enCapsa Objects is a very simple but versatile suite of Web service calls for uniting and searching disparate data.

enCapsa Objects API

enCapsa for developers


The enCapsa Objects API can be used within any development environment. Simply reference the Web Services API in your programming projects and you are good to go.


enCapsa provides a very simple but powerful set of Web services that allow your applications to manage, display and search unified data.


We provide comprehensive and enabling support, including consulting services, to help you build the next great search application.


As a set of Web Services, the enCapsa Objects API can exist within any development environment. They easily integrate with third party tools or services.


Create simple data stores and storage methods in a few lines of code. Build and search data using enCapsa objects Web API in a matter of minutes.


Patented data management techniques allow you to merge data from different sources regardless of how they are structured.

The enCapsa API will let you search all the data and the data behind documents and images across your enterprise regardless of structure or origin.

Making all your small data - big data

Using a simple but powerful programming interface

What are enCapsa Objects?

The enCapsa Objects API is a series of Web Service methods and functions that come together to form a simple but powerful patented programming interface that can be used in any development environment to merge and search massive amounts of disparate data. Using input forms and ingest tools, developers and integrators can use the power of enCapsa to bring together and search data from disparate sources in their own projects.

How are they used?

Developers use enCapsa Objects' API within their code, using the simple but powerful Web Service functions the API exposes to pass data from input forms, ingest tools and links to legacy databases, to an enCapsa data store. Once brought into the enCapsa store, developers can use the API's query methods to search and browse completely disparate data in different tables or data stores as though they were in one database.

What do they do?

enCapsa Objects allow data and document searches across the enterprise and across the Web. Any developer can place a simple search bar on any application or Web page to search and browse the enCapsa store for information. Developers can also use any off the shelf tool to analyze data returned by an enCapsa search.

Tie enCapsa to your ingest tools or data entry forms and instantly you have knowledge throughout your universe.

A versatile toolbox

Using a powerful API to create and merge data from input forms or ingest tools anywhere in the enterprise.

Database Functionalities

enCapsa Objects have full database functionalities. Using the power of Lucene, one of the most tested, robust and scaleable big data tools on the market, they have the ability to store, manage and manipulate large amounts of data.

enCapsa Objects allow databases and data records of varying structures to exist in the same space where they can be easily created, updated and removed on the fly. Simply tie enCapsa Objects to your input forms or ingest tools and you have the power to unite, search and manage vastly different data streams as though they where in one database.

Once created, enCapsa stores can be searched and browsed like pages on the World Wide Web and are freely accessible to anybody across the enterprise, the organization or to the whole world.

Imagine all form data, databases, documents, photographs, images and spreadsheets - searchable in one simple space.

That's the power of enCapsa.