A paradigm shifting way to look

at information across your universe.

enCapsa is a paradigm shift in the way we merge and search highly different data

The enCapsa technology was first patented in 2010 and has since received two more patents for the unique and groundbreaking way it unifies disparate data.

enCapsa Corporation is based in the Jacksonvile, Florida area with a technology hub in northern Virginia. Founded in 2006, its principles have over thirty years of experience designing unique database solutions for customers throughout the United States.

enCapsa was created to unite data

Our goal is to unite the world's data by making information from any source freely accessible to anybody who is in need of simple and unified access to documents, images and data in different databases or data stores.

enCapsa wants to make it easier to connect data across very diverse formats

enCapsa is a simple but incredibly powerful platform where anybody can manage databases, documents and image metadata as though they were in one database.