Uniting the World's Data.

A patented data storage technology that uniquely
brings together all the information
in your universe.

Imagine having the ability to search all data as though it belonged to a single database where all data is the same and searching across wildly different data streams becomes simple and effortless.

this is the power of enCapsa


Create a vast repository of highly disparate data – a unitary container for all your data.


Efficiently search terabytes of very different files as though they belonged to one database.


Analyze, report, explain and present disparate data with much less effort, in much less time.

centralizing information is easier than ever

enCapsa creates a central store of universal data to which you can quickly add any kind of file or database to make them instantly searchable across the enterprise or the organization.

So what does enCapsa do?

Organizations use tools to extract and transform data into a ready-to-consume format for analysis or reporting. Due to the variety of data formats available to organizations, the work required to accomplish this is costly and expensive.

We, at enCapsa, believe that the better way is not to have to transform data in the first place; that is, to store all data in one location, in structurally the same way.

It is structure that makes data from different sources disparate. The holy grail of modern computing is to effectively traverse differently structured data.



enCapsa shifts the disparate data paradigm by making all data the same. This means that database data, document meta data, images and other files are all made to be structurally equal.

By making all data the same, enCapsa solves the expensive and tedious data extraction and transformation problem by creating a unique, unitary information store.

With enCapsa searches become easier because you do not have to map or do anything to the data first. You can go straight to searching or analyzing highly disparate data. No expensive transformations - just data.

enabling enterprise and global search

Existing between the data warehouse and the data lake, enCapsa creates a unitary pool of global data that can easily be searched, analyzed and presented without having to use any of the traditional methods of data aggregation.



enCapsa centralizes data so you have access to all the information in your universe in a single space.

enCapsa data stores give users actionable information in a fraction of the time it takes with standard storage methods.

enCapsa significantly reduces the time it takes to create actionable information from disparate sources.

enCapsa creates one uniform data source

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